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Maple Garage
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Denver, CO 80209

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  Tom 02/17/2020
As always, friendly and fast service. Love these guys!
  Julia 02/06/2020
Affordable, convenient, and fast service. My go-to place for oil changes.
  Shaun 02/04/2020
They worked on brake pads and rotors, flushed transmission fluid, and changed the oil of my car very quickly and at a fair price. Quick turn around -- Dropped off the car in the morning and picked it up at lunch. I would highly recommend this shop.
  Anita 11/28/2019
We take both of our vehicles to this "garage." They are extremely knowledgeable and thorough along with fantastic customer service. I have a 2012 Kia Sportage and I will take my car to Maple Garage well over to the dealer not only because they keep my car running like it is a new car, but their prices are substantially lower than the dealer.
  Jen 11/01/2019
They were super friendly and knowledgeable. My roommate had been to them before and recommended them. I would do the same! Love supporting local!
  Kaia 10/31/2019
Jeremy, manager and Alex, tec., were very helpful and cost conscious to help us out! Definitely would go back for car repair! Thank you!
  Sam 10/03/2019
  Jared 09/26/2019
Excellent staff, great service, and treated me fairly
  Andrea 05/30/2019
I've been here a few different times and have always felt that they are fair and respectful. As a young woman who doesn't know much about cars, it's common to leave an autoshop feeling duped or taken advantage of but I have never felt that way Maple garage. Extremely professional and trustworthy. I would highly recommend this shop.
  Logan 05/23/2019
Good guys that work with integrity.
  Son 05/09/2019
  Laura 04/25/2019
Great and friendly service! They only charged for the absolute necessities and didn't try to sell something that wasn't needed!
  Andrew 04/18/2019
  Lindzy 04/04/2019
  Kyle 06/07/2019
Always good service at a good price. I wish y'all would have found my bearing when I first complained about the noise and told you all I got towed and had my oil pan changed, then I kept driving and hearing the noise. Maybe next time when somebody asks you to check out the car you actually try and drive it? Would of been able to save some money with my extended warranty. Beside that always been good.
  David 01/31/2020
The most recent work on my car did not turn out well. I went in for an oil change on Friday afternoon 12/27/19. I had taken my car to Maple Garage for oil changes twice before, and although it was not great (tech put in too much oil), it was OK. After 12/27, my car leaked significant amounts of oil on my garage floor. It continued to do so for the following month. Using a hand pump, I extracted more than half a quart of excess oil, but the oil leak continued even after I got the dipstick oil level corrected. On 1/31/20, I took the car to a dealer. They told me the oil plug threads have been stripped, the plug is unusable, and now I'm in for a very expensive repair. If the plug and oil pan had a problem when I took my car to Maple Garage on 12/27, I'm sure they would have told me about it. They said nothing, so I'm left to believe that the damage was done there. I have made an effort to support local small businesses for straightforward work like car oil changes. This time I got it wrong. The tech who worked on my car apparently did careless work that caused expensive damage. Sorry to report that I'm very unhappy with my recent experience at Maple Garage.
  Christina 04/15/2019
I used Maple Garage to inspect a vehicle I was planning to purchase ($50), and then paid Maple Garage to make repairs they recommended in the pre-purchase inspection ($2500). A problem arose shortly after repairs, and when I brought it in, was charged another $50 to look at the car, and was then told I needed another $2500 in repairs. They are either incompetent in doing inspections, or just charging customers for unnecessary repairs. Either way, incompetent technicians and staff unwilling to work with you - I'm heading elsewhere.
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